Carl Arvidson


Hello readers!

I am Carl Arvidson, the Head of International Education at Takii High School. I am originally from America, but I would like to talk about my finding of my second hometown, Osaka, Japan.
I came to Japan to teach English many years back. I first started at a public high school in Minoh. Now, why Minoh? Well, I had previously studied in Kobe, and I had a Japanese university friend from Osaka, whom I had visited. I requested to come to Kansai, but I especially wanted to go to Kobe. Osaka was my second choice, but I was still very happy to be given the chance to teach in Osaka.
Despite this, I still thought Kobe was “cooler” and so part of me wished I could live there. However, my non-Japanese friends from around Japan loved Osaka - they especially loved the openness and friendliness of the people here, compared to the more reserved people they found in Kanto or other areas. I was still not sold on Osaka completely yet.
Since then, I have lived in several places in Osaka city, and without realizing it, have grown to love it as my own. I now believe Osaka is the best place to live in Japan! It is truly a world city, but it still keeps its traditional charm. And this is not a dressed-up charm for tourists. It is the heart of the people that makes our town great. In Japan, Osaka is probably the easiest city in which you can talk with strangers. Additionally, people around the world are realizing that we can get fantastic food here for prices unthinkable in most large cities. Finally two years ago, my pride in my adopted hometown was confirmed by Osaka jumping into the top 10 of the annual Global Liveability Ranking at number 3, just behind perennial favorite Melbourne and new top, Vienna!
Last year, Osaka dropped to number 4, but it’s still a fantastic showing! The other top cities for the last five years have been Australian, Canadian, or northern European. All beautiful, peaceful cities that are the envy of the people of Japan. Tokyo also managed to rank high at number 7.
In retrospect, we should understand that many non-Japanese people happily choose to live here in Osaka, coming from what would seem to be beautiful, exciting, and romantic cities around the world. Here, they find a welcoming, peaceful, and easy-to-live-in city. I am proud to be a resident of Osaka, and so happy that Takii High School is located here. I hope it continues to improve and grow to be an even better place.